How to recognize bulimic symptoms?

Bulimia and purging are some of the most dangerous effects of eating disorders. Bingeing and purging are the two main characteristics of a person who suffers from bulimia or anorexia, or both. However there are a bunch of other symptoms which are more noticeable besides a person’s habit of eating large amounts of food without being able to resist and private purging. As a well wisher of somebody being driven into bulimia, you would want to check for certain changes especially when he or she complains of some typical bulimic symptoms. Here we will discuss and explain a few typical signs by which you would be able to tell how severe a case of bulimia your friend is suffering from. Most bulimic cases come from a person’s inability to resist food. This can happen due to various forms of hunger – sexual, recreational, depressive and more.


Ways to tell bulimia –


  1. Binge Eating – Binge eating is something that we all do once in a while if the food is really good. However, sensible people not obsessed about his or her own looks and body weight can go two ways. One, keep eating to add more weight or do it once in a while in a way that doesn’t really cause any fatal damage or long term effect. Bingeing is a problem when it becomes psychiatric. You would have noticed people who starve themselves to have a larger craving for exotic foods like chocolates, steaks and sizzlers. However, the mad craving brings about chances of irregularity in food pattern, and some of them purge out of guilt!


  1. Purging – Your friend would be into the habit of purging, although only 25% of bulimic patients do it. This is something that is an effect of a guilty conscience and a regular habit of purging causes a drastic weight change of about 20 pounds in a couple of months. This is something that people with an obsession for a losing a few extra pounds face. Drastic changes can be reason enough for you to know that someone is doing something wrong to oneself, and needs medical attention from a psychiatric expertise. Purging is something that does not allow the food to add on to the body and a regular habit of purging also causes grave problems in the digestive, cardiac and blood systems.


  1. Consciousness – People into bulimia are often seen to be conscious about their physique. This is the main reason why they go into purging after feeling guilty of bingeing. They binge because they cannot resist good food after starving themselves. This is a habit that one develops, and it causes one to look worse, developing a harder consciousness about ones own looks. This is something that a person needs to be yanked out of since it’s only a unidirectional spiral degradation of the physical appearance of oneself. The worst part is that something really needs to be done about it and people think it is only a temporary problem.


  1. Changes in physical appearance – You would get to see a drastic change in ones body weight when it has been a few months of bulimia. Although all the malpractice is done purposely, the patient may often turn a blind eye to the development of health hazards. Changes in physical appearance can include crumbling of skin, markedly emaciated appearance, a development of weak muscles and loss of stamina. Many athletes take to purging for the fear of gaining weight. This can be an extremely foolish idea considering that what you need on the field is stamina, power and swiftness, besides the ability to think efficiently during soccer and similar games.


  1. Bathroom visits – A person suffering from bulimia would be expected to visit the bathroom to dump after almost every meal. This is caused by a disorder in the digestive system and it develops over time (2 – 4 months) after beginning to binge and/or purge. This can be noticed by members of the patient’s family and immediate attention would be advised to avoid further problems which can be fatal. Bowel movements are also affected during bulimia and constipation can be common, especially every time one takes a meal.


Mouth problems – Mouth problems are common for those in purging and throwing up. Stomach acids and other chemicals which are required to absorb the food may start collecting in the mouth. A prolonged habit of throwing up can affect the gums and teeth. The usually observed problems are bleeding gums, foul smell, sore throats and a few others. It is necessary to stop throwing up on purpose as it causes heavy damage to the digestive tract over a prolonged period.

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